One of the most exciting parts about planning to move in with my guy is talking about our decorating styles. I’ve also admittedly been binge-watching House Hunters, so we’ve been having a lot more conversations about what we want in a home lately. At this point, we’ll be renting, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about what we want in the first home we own. We have different tastes (me: light, airy, and white, and him: dark, traditional, and comfortable). So, when we both agreed that our dream kitchen will look like Justina Blakeney’s from The Jungalow, I couldn’t believe we reached an agreement.


We loved the green and white color scheme, which makes it feel light and airy without being too feminine. The copper accents are my favorite part, and I just bought the copper Bodum french press after seeing this kitchen. The custom tile and backsplash are to die for. And the open shelves filled with plants are what my dreams are made of. You get the picture: I love this kitchen as much as I love life itself.

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